Month: February 2018

Bulgarian Management Association (BMA)

BMA’s objectives are: to provide continuous support to the Bulgarian organizations so that they can improve their efficacy and efficiency and this leading to creation and development of competitive advantages on the local and international markets; and to build a competitive Bulgarian Business Excellence Model, Continue reading “Bulgarian Management Association (BMA)”

Target Group

Target Group

Marketing segmentation, target audience, customers care, customer relationship management (CRM) and team building concepts.

SMEs, micro-enterprises, stakeholders and representatives of SMEs, employees, employers and executives, policy makers, educational institutions, chambers and regional and national thematic networks.



Perform study visits on leading SMEs to investigate their structure and exchange practices, study visits to SURVIVORs SMEs in partner countries affected by the crisis (PT,PL,IT,GR,ES,BG) and collect the material necessary to create a training programme as a roadmap to success.

A powerful tool will be created as a platform for further development, connection of executives between SMEs, exchange of practices and a flexible learning program that will link the specific needs of SMEs (which will derive from the desk and field research) in terms of internal capabilities, with the training offered, in a way that will allow effective use of resources (people/time) and connect learning with business results.



December 2017 and February 2018
Kick-off meeting to give the official start of the project and Experience exchange on the topic “SMEs in Italy; methods of management and implementation, learning from the best” Italy, GoDesk.

March and April 2018
Experience exchange on the topic “SMEs in Poland; Leading SMEs in practice, problems and solutions” and visit to good practice practitioners in the Polish region, Poland, Euro-idea.

June and September 2018 
Experience exchange on the topic “Employers and employees new VET demands” and visit to good practice practitioners in the Spanish region, Spain, FTSI.

October and November 2018
Experience exchange on the topic “VET requirements for entrepreneurship; opportunities for learning” and visit to good practices practitioners in Portugal, Epralima, – Round tables Conference small and specific discussions.

January 2019 (tbc)
Experience exchange on the topic “Management systems and export policies” and visit to good practice practitioners in the Bulgaria, Bulgarian Management Association.

May 2019 (tbc)
Experience exchange on the topic “VET education and control systems” and visiti the leading SMEs SURVIVORs in Greece, EEO.

September 2019
The last Joint Staff Training Event will be a study visit but also a kind of Closing Event; Present the shared experiences to recommend each for the others and to show how to make them sustainable and experience exchange on the topic “Surviving SME: Lessons learnt, methods and implications” Italy, Sharing Europe.

One of the main objectives will be to communicate the project’s results to the public and create possible synergies with upcoming projects.