Fundación de Trabajadores de la Siderurgia Integral

FUNDACIÓN DE TRABAJADORES DE LA SIDERURGIA INTEGRAL is a non-profit foundation of national scope, with headquarters in the Basque Country, Asturias and the Valencian Community (Spain), created by former apprentices of the steel companies. One of our main lines of activity is the promotion of projects of social and labor insertion: training for employment, management of practices in companies, orientation for employment, entrepreneurship and labor intermediation.

This line of activity is addressed primarily to what is defined in our statutes as the most vulnerable groups: immigrants, young people, women and people at
risk of exclusion.

Since 2009 we have made more than 40 plans and projects in this line of social and labor inclusion in which more than 9,000 people have participated. This experience allows us to count on an important network of stakeholders: Companies, Social Services, Orientation Services, Educational Centers (secondary and VET), Training Centers, NGO, etc. Former apprentices, retired or pre-retired people, collaborate in our training and employment projects as “tutors of experience”, accompanying both the unemployed and companies.

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