Euro-Idea Fundacja Społeczno-Kulturalna

Euro-Idea Fundacja Społeczno-Kulturalna from Kraków city, Poland is a NGO born with the pro-European spirit and it is working since 2010 in the field of culture, adult education and VET.
The foundation is a member and co-founder of local networks and is cooperating with several organisations from Kraków city and the region.

The main foundation targets are:

  • Develop educational activities among adults and youth;
  • Promote the European active citizenship and support an European integration through young and adult;
  • Promote Polish culture;
  • Care about cultural traditions and historical heritage;
  • Develop opportunities for local and international cooperation between local authorities, institutions, business and educational systems;
  • Support economic development, including the development of entrepreneurship;
  • Sustain disadvantaged groups;
  • Make promotion and organization of voluntary;
  • Promote the ecological and sustainable way of life and sports attitudes.

The organization achieves targets by participation and development of: training courses, workshops, events, study visits, cultural exchanges, information points. Organisation performs activities with young and adults.
Euro-Idea Fundacja Społeczno-Kulturalna promotes European integration and develops contacts and cooperation between nations. The Euro–Idea FSK develops the cultural, educational, social and civic, sports activities in order to create an active participation in European citizenship.
We believe that having experience in European activities and projects our organization could transfer knowledge of good practice examples and work methods to contribute in sustainable development of local and European territory.

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