Second JSTE – Krakow, April 2018

The second training program and study visits of the project “SURVIVE – Surviving The Storm: Identifying & Linking Internal Capabilities with Business Continuity” – entered into the Erasmus + KA2 Strategic program from 23 to 27 April 2018 in Krakow, Poland Partnerships for Vocational Education and Training – Exchanges of Practices – project number 2017-1-IT01-KA202-006081, organized by the Polish company Euro-Idea, in Krakow, which was attended by project partners, namely Portugal (Epralima – Arcos de Valdevez), Spain (Fundation Trabajadores Siderurgia Integral – Barakaldo Bizkaia), Bulgaria (Bulgarian Management Association – Blagoevgrad), Italy (Godesk – Potenza and Sharing Europe – Florence) and Greece (EEO Group – Athens).

In order to investigate and identify the secret of the companies’ success, which in the crisis period allowed them to overcome difficulties and survive, often taking advantage of the moment of crisis to increase their markets and turnover, the Polish organizing company promoted training on Design Thinking, promoted by designer Krzytof Ozog, who emphasized the importance and application of this concept especially at the corporate level, focusing on the reflection and implementation of solutions to solve problems.

Another visit was made to a restaurant company, Bistro GotuJemy – Social Entreprise, which stands out in its daily life for a concept of healthy food, based on its activity in the confection of meals with products which are bought and collected from local farmers, representing an innovative concept in Poland that has proliferated in the market.

Finally, the partners were able to watch a presentation of a company that also bet on a new ideology based on an online platform dubbed Eataway, where a group of cooks can invite and welcome people from all over the world to eat with them in the their homes, where everyone can cook, socialize and experience unique moments.

Therefore, the evaluation of these days of training/study visits was very positive, having been an added value in the knowledge of new concepts that give letters in the business market, emphasizing innovation.

Also, the timetable for the next meeting and study visit under the responsibility of the company Fundation Trabajadores Siderurgia Integral, to be held in Valencia, Spain, on 10 and 11 July and thereafter from 3 to 7 of September, was presented without any possible change.

Here you can find the training AGENDA , E-BOOK (Part I)  and EBOOK (Part II) from the training

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