Fourth JSTE – Portugal – November 2018

From November 11 to 15, 2018, the fourth training programme and study visits of the SURVIVE – Surviving The Storm: Identifying Linking Internal Capabilities with Business Continuity – Erasmus + KA2 Strategic Partnerships for Vocation al Education and Training – Exchanges of Practices – project number 2017-1-IT01-KA202-006081, organized by the Portuguese company Epralima – Escola Profissional do Alto Lima was carried out in Arcos de Valdevez, Portugal.

In the presence of all partners, Poland (Euro-Idea – Krakow), Portugal (Epralima – Arcos de Valdevez), Spain (Bulgaria – Bulgarian Management Association – Blagoevgrad), Italy (Godesk – Potenza and Sharing Europe – Florence) and Greece (EEO Group – Athens), with the aim of investigating and identifying the secret of the companies success, which during the crisis period allowed them to overcome difficulties and survive, often taking advantage of this moment to increase its markets and turnover Epralima, the organizer, promoted training on entrepreneurship. It sought to raise awareness of the entrepreneurs’ skills and their importance for the success of companies, as well as the importance of constant training for the entrepreneurs. In this context, we also visited InCubo – Incubadora de Iniciativas Empresariais Inovadoras, where the support granted to the entrepreneurs was reported in general. There was also the opportunity to visit an incubated company, namely Acco Brands, that highlighted this support as fundamental for the development of new products and consequently for the survival of the company.

The agenda was followed by the visit to the factory, Afonso, Produção de Vestuário, Lda., which is dedicated to confection of shirts and is going through an auspicious moment after a moment of deep crisis that could have dictated its closure, but given the determination and perseverance of the owner and her team is today a successful company, not neglecting compliance with three fundamental factors: motivation of the team, compliance with deadlines and quality.

Subsequently, the partners were also able to visit Sabores do Vez – Fumeiro Tradicional, Lda., which emerged from the entrepreneurial will manifested by its creator with the aim of preserving traditions by producing quality smoked sausages as a way to enhance the valorization of local endogenous resources.
Notwithstanding its recent creation, it affirms itself as a company in expansion and of success, emphasizing like essential points the persistence, the marketing strategy and, without a doubt, the quality.

There was also time dedicated to cultural enrichment activities in order to make contact with local wealth, both in natural and architectural heritage and in gastronomy.

After completing the agenda of the event and to finalize, the calendar for the next meeting and study visit in Bulgaria, to be held next year, on February 5 and 6 and March 11 to 15, respectively, was redefined.

Here you can find the training AGENDA and E-BOOK from the training

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